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  • What is the Color of Your Litterbox? Cat Hair Stylist

    White cat with a swoopy hair do with a comb and blow dryer. Illustration by Lynn Chang.

    Most kitties, with the exception of Sphynx cats, are born with an abundance of fur. Long fur, short fur, black fur, brown fur, orange fur, yellow fur. Fur that sheds during the summer and during the winter. During the spring and during the fall. Fur that collects in big dust balls under the furniture, in the corners of your home and on expensive dry-clean only garments. What to do with all that fur? Be a hairdresser that’s what.

    Consider this career if you;

    • Wish to spend hours grooming yourself and others
    • Embrace the beauty of a good hairball
    • Possess an outstanding sense of style and interested in creating your own line of hair-care products.

    Created by Lynn Chang & Christienne Miller


  • What is the Color of Your Litterbox? Cat Warehouse Manager

    Siamese Cat coming out of a box labelled fragile. Illustration by Lynn Chang.

    The job description is simple. Someone has to put all those boxes on a shelf and someone has to take them all down again. All you need to ask yourself is – is that someone me?

    If you like boxes, boxes and more boxes. If you like them stacked on top of each other. If you like them here or there – or if you like them everywhere – then this very well might be the job for you.

    Consider this career if you:

    • Possess an inherent awareness of spatial relations
    • Enjoy scaring others with a forklift
    • Can walk into an empty space and fill it sensibly and completely

    If you answered “yes” to all of the above, we see a warehouse in your future.

    Created by Lynn Chang and Christienne Miller

  • What is the Color of Your Litterbox? Purrr…sonal Assistant

    White cat with a cell phone and a wrapped gift package walking. Illustration by Lynn Chang.

    A Purrr…sonal assistant is both the hardest and simplest job imaginable. Obvious tasks like following your human from room to room will be no stretch for your walnut sized brain. But, you’ll definitely need your extrasensory perception (ESP) skills for the more difficult aspect of this job; anticipating your human’s needs – even when they don’t realize they have a need. For example, what to do if your human is going down the stairs carrying a large load of laundry and needs an extra paw? Trust your intuition. Quick! Run down with them, as fast as you can go, at an angle and between their legs if possible. Remember “Six legs good! Two legs bad!” This type of anticipatory help will always be greatly appreciated in moments like this, making a career as a Purrr…sonal Assistant particularly rewarding.

    Consider this career if you;

    • Exist for everyone else but yourself
    • Possess the ability to manage multiple projects with attention to detail
    • Are a self-starter that energizes people around you
  • What Color is Your Litterbox? NASA Scientist

    White cat with sunglasses behind desk with a rocket on desktop. Illustration by Lynn Chang.

    The myth of cats only excelling in liberal arts is that – a myth only. Many cats have found great success in the world of science and you can too. And if you’re going to reach for the stars, to explore the space and time continuum, to pioneer the future in aeronautics research or to contact the Mother Ship, we believe you need to reach no higher than to be a NASA scientist.

    Consider this career if you:

    • Can concentrate on one thing for hours and hours and hours and hours and hours.
    • Approach situations from a detached, analytical point-of-view
    • Recite all of Newton’s laws of motion

    Created by Lynn Chang and Christienne Miller.



  • What is the Color of Your Litter Box ? Cat Plumber

    Striped Cat drinking water from a toilet. Illustration by Lynn Chang.

    If you are a DOER, then a Plumber is a respectable job that you may consider.

    Do you:
    • Love working in and around water
    • Enjoy fiddling with hardware like toilets and sink drains
    • Engage regularly in systematic problem solving

    If your answer is yes to all above, this may be the purrr…fect job for you. The great thing about being a plumber is that every human needs one at some point or another – especially if they’re flushing used litter down the toilet. And let’s not forget the added benefit that you’ll never be thirsty on the job.

    Created by Lynn Chang & Christienne Miller


  • How to Wash Your Cat

    Suggestion on how to wash your cat. Animated. Illustration by Lynn Chang.
    Here is a simple way to wash your cat.
    All you need is the following:


    1. Cut ring out of cardboard (approx 24″ in diameter) and a smaller hole inside the ring (approx 3″ in diameter. This must fit your cat’s head snugly so you may want to measure your cat’s neck).
    2. Cut a few notches around the smaller ring so you can get it over your cat’s head.
    3. Fill Washing Machine. Set on Gentle and Warm wash/Warm rinse.
    4. Add Kitty Shampoo (a few squirts is all you need).
    5. Find your cat.
    6. Place Cardboard ring over your cat’s head.
    7. Place cat (and Cardboard ring) in washing machine.
    8. Let wash finish cycle. If you cat is dirty, you may want to select Heavy Duty Wash.
    9. Blow Dry your Cat
    Voila! A clean and happy cat!

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