How to Wash Your Cat

Suggestion on how to wash your cat. Animated. Illustration by Lynn Chang.
Here is a simple way to wash your cat.
All you need is the following:


  1. Cut ring out of cardboard (approx 24″ in diameter) and a smaller hole inside the ring (approx 3″ in diameter. This must fit your cat’s head snugly so you may want to measure your cat’s neck).
  2. Cut a few notches around the smaller ring so you can get it over your cat’s head.
  3. Fill Washing Machine. Set on Gentle and Warm wash/Warm rinse.
  4. Add Kitty Shampoo (a few squirts is all you need).
  5. Find your cat.
  6. Place Cardboard ring over your cat’s head.
  7. Place cat (and Cardboard ring) in washing machine.
  8. Let wash finish cycle. If you cat is dirty, you may want to select Heavy Duty Wash.
  9. Blow Dry your Cat
Voila! A clean and happy cat!

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