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  • KITTY STARS – William the Cat


    1. Most embarrassing nickname. Ball which is short for Fur Ball. It sounds too much like Hair Ball if you ask me, very undignified.
    2. Favorite human food. I love corn – especially the teeny tiny corn cobs you find in Chinese food.
    3. In or out? Yes please! I thought that was the last question?
    4. Sweet Kitty or Alley Cat Brat? Depends if I’m going to be cuddled and kissed all over my head or being served up wet cat food.
    5. Best Actor/Actress to play in in a feature film? Colin Farrell is my favorite actor. I identify strongly with the character Bullseye in Daredevil.kitty-star-ad

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    • a hi-res image of your furry self
    • answer the following 5 questions
      • Most embarrassing nickname?
      • Favorite human food?
      • In or Out?
      • Sweet Kitty or Alley Cat Brat?
      • Best Actor/Actress to play me in a feature film?

    William the cat sports a crocheted cross body satchel.

    It’s the latest ME-OW for Fall! Check out this stylish new handbag that is the rage among felines in the know. Sported here by William the Cat in lime green – this Fall’s new grey.

  • Pocket Gopher Moves into Monrovia

    William lying down next to a gopher hole and meowing.

    Monrovia, CA–Last week, a pesky pocket gopher known for his year long destruction of a neighbor’s front lawn has decided to change digs and moved into our backyard.

    Cat rolling near Gopher hole

    William, a grey striped kitty with white feet was the first to notice this new intruder who is digging up our grass and under out rose bushes. There would be great concern about the future of the spring garden if there wasn’t William’s laser, cat-like focus and dedication to monitor the gopher’s activities.

    Even today, during the rain, William stared at the gopher hole for the entire morning, coming inside only for a little respite before going back to his post.

    William the Cat stretching near his pocket gopher hole

    There is great hope that the gopher will come to a feline end. Otherwise the Rodenator may be in order.

  • Waiting for Tuna

    William waiting in front of his food dish licking his cat lips.

    Monrovia, CA–A very blurry shot of William waiting for his dinner.

  • I am too Sexy for You

    William upside down on an unmade bed.

    Monrovia, CA – – How can you not love him?

    The Famous Kitty Planet Studded Outlaw Leather Safety Cat Collar

  • Happy New Year!

    Monrovia, CA–William passed out after his New Year’s jubilations.

  • William Has Bunny Feet

    Los Angeles, CA–Even though they are dirty bunny feet, William the Cat, astounds again with his abundance of unbelievable cuteness.

  • William’s Deep Thoughts

    Los Angeles, CA–My name is William, and I am a grey, striped cat with white feet and a freckle on my nose. I live in a quiet suburb that is East of Pasadena called Monrovia if you must know. Most people don’t know where that is but is next to Arcadia. Anyway, that’s not what I want to discuss today. What I want to discuss is my catnip patch. I have my very own personal catnip patch under a fig tree. I realize I am lucky as many cats don’t even have a home much less their own catnip patch under a fig tree but still it’s mine. It’s green and lovely and I spend a lot of time in it. During the day there are no problems. But the minute the sun sets and I am in my house, and can’t get out no matter how much I meow, a black cat appears from nowhere and goes straight to my catnip patch. He smells and rolls around in it – like it belongs to him! I find this cat unbearably rude. What kind of cat just goes into someone else’s’ yard and then rolls around in their catnip patch? The other day I was so mad; I ran right into the glass sliding door and hit my head really hard. It made a loud noise and it hurt. It made me so cranky I couldn’t even enjoy the fireworks. It’s just not right. This just burns me up.


    William the Cat gets worms. Animated. Illustration by Lynn Chang.

    Monrovia, California–This story is true and particularly disgusting. So if you get grossed out easily, do not read on. I can guarantee you won’t like it. William, a grey, striped, blue tabby was found with worms today. This was evidenced by a worm coming out of his bum that resembled a piece of rice, except it moved in a particularly revolting manner. Why? Why? must it look like rice I ask you?

    Thankfully this will be remedied soon by picking up some medication at William’s vet which thankfully can be purchased without having William present. The vet’s office declined my offer to bring in a worm sample.

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