What is the Color of Your Litterbox? Purrr…sonal Assistant

White cat with a cell phone and a wrapped gift package walking. Illustration by Lynn Chang.

A Purrr…sonal assistant is both the hardest and simplest job imaginable. Obvious tasks like following your human from room to room will be no stretch for your walnut sized brain. But, you’ll definitely need your extrasensory perception (ESP) skills for the more difficult aspect of this job; anticipating your human’s needs – even when they don’t realize they have a need. For example, what to do if your human is going down the stairs carrying a large load of laundry and needs an extra paw? Trust your intuition. Quick! Run down with them, as fast as you can go, at an angle and between their legs if possible. Remember “Six legs good! Two legs bad!” This type of anticipatory help will always be greatly appreciated in moments like this, making a career as a Purrr…sonal Assistant particularly rewarding.

Consider this career if you;

  • Exist for everyone else but yourself
  • Possess the ability to manage multiple projects with attention to detail
  • Are a self-starter that energizes people around you