What is the Color of Your Litterbox? Cat Hair Stylist

White cat with a swoopy hair do with a comb and blow dryer. Illustration by Lynn Chang.

Most kitties, with the exception of Sphynx cats, are born with an abundance of fur. Long fur, short fur, black fur, brown fur, orange fur, yellow fur. Fur that sheds during the summer and during the winter. During the spring and during the fall. Fur that collects in big dust balls under the furniture, in the corners of your home and on expensive dry-clean only garments. What to do with all that fur? Be a hairdresser that’s what.

Consider this career if you;

  • Wish to spend hours grooming yourself and others
  • Embrace the beauty of a good hairball
  • Possess an outstanding sense of style and interested in creating your own line of hair-care products.

Created by Lynn Chang & Christienne Miller