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  • Have Kitty, Will Travel!

    Monrovia, California – – Have ever struggled with getting kitty into their carrier to take on holiday or God forbid, to the vet? Have you ever wondered, “If they can put a man on the moon, why isn’t there are easier way to transport my cat?” Well, your prayers have been answered with the revolutionary, patent-pending cardboard kitty carrier that boasts these amazing benefits:

    • Easy to get kitty in as kitties love cardboard boxes!
    • Allows kitty to see what is going on, but safe for you!
    • Stackable! Packs kitties more efficiently in limited spaces!
    • Recyleable!

    What is especially wonderful, is that you can make this carrier yourself with just a Recyclable cardboard box, a compass, Exacto knife, packing tape and a cat.

    recylable cardboard box

    STEP 1 – find a recyleable cardboard box that is appropriately size for your kitty.

    STEP 2 – using your compass, draw a circle on one side of your box.

    Cardboard Box with hole

    STEP 3 – Use an exacto knife to cut out a hole making sure it is big enough for your cat’s head to come out but, not big enough other things like paws can come out.

    Cat in Box

    STEP 4 – Find cat.

    Cat in Taped Box

    STEP 5 – Use packing tape to pack cat in box. Presto!

  • Stop Your Kitty From Spraying!

    Dear William,
    I am an unfixed kitty and I can’t stop spraying. Now my house smells like a litterbox. Please help!–Un-Spayed and Spraying in Schenectady

    Dear Spraying,
    If you have started spraying for reasons other than being in heat, having multiple kitties in your household or being an unfixed boy cat coming of age – you may be spraying because you are not feeling well. For example, if you are a female you may be having urinary tract problems. A visit to the vet, although visits to the vet are always clearly, undesirable, is in order. You should also plan to get spayed or neutered as soon as possible.

    To prevent spraying, it is ideal to be spayed or neutered before you come of age. Spaying or neutering after you come of age will often stop the spraying but is not a guarantee. However there are multiple benefits to being fixed. One is that it helps stop pet overpopulation. Unlike humans, you do not need to have children to make your life complete (and even with humans the concept of children rounding out your life is questionable — just ask anyone with children.) Being spayed or neutered will also increase your chance to live a longer and healthier life.

    So first step, get fixed. The Humane Society offers many low-cost programs for you.

    Clean Green Recipe

    • 1/4 cup Murphy’s Oil Soap
    • 1 cup vinegar
    • 8 cups (warm) water
    • Squeeze of lemon or orange (optional)

    The area that has been sprayed should be cleaned with a commercial cleansing product, like Feliway, or the non-toxic, green mixture my mom likes: 1 cup vinegar, 1/4 cup of Murphy’s Oil Soap and 8 cups of warm water (a squeeze of lemon or orange helps make this smell even better and acts as an antiseptic). Another mixture that works is a squeeze of dishwashing liquid, a 1/4 cup of bleach of bleach and 8 cups of warm water. Beware of this last mixture as bleach can damage some fabrics (including something you might be wearing) as well as certain finishes.

    Then it is all about rinse and repeat. Wipe the area clean once a day to get rid of any lingering scent (even if your human can’t smell it) and place a small, shallow, untippable dish full of vinegar in the area. Then each day for a week, wipe down the area again with your mixture and make sure the vinegar has not all evaporated. After the spraying stops, leave the dish of vinegar there for a few weeks in case you have any bad ideas. If you are a rowdy kitty and prone to tip things over, a glass jar with a lid with holes punched in the lid to let the vinegar scent out works as well.

    It is very important to take care of spraying immediately. Do not wait before addressing the situation because bad habits are hard to kick for everyone.



    Have a question for William? Please send your queries to


    New York, New York–Hairless cats now have an exciting, life-changing solution for their hairlessness. Rogaine, has announced their latest line of hair care products for felines following their successful launches of Rogaine for Men and Women. “We are pleased the results are so dramatic,” a Rogaine spokesperson noted, “but results may vary.”


  • How to Avoid Overeating at Thanksgiving

    Cat getting fat after Thanksgiving. Animated. Illustration by Lynn Chang.
    • Eat a small mouse in the morning. No need to starve yourself until the big meal arrives.
    • Some exercise before the meal is a good. Consider running in and around people’s feet while they are preparing the big meal. The bonus is that this is is like an obstacle course and helps burn many categories.
    • Go to the toilet and drink some water to fill your tummy before the meal begins.
    • Avoid getting stressed out if company should arrive a/o if there is another household pet. This may cause you to take solace in food and over-eating which may cause you to barf everything up. If you find you must barf, the antique Turkish carpet is the best place of course.
    • Eat just a little off everyone’s plate. This is easily accomplished if you jump on and off the table quickly enough.
    • One one hand there is always tomorrow. On the other you must not forget one gizzard on your plate today is worth more than two gizzards on your plate tomorrow. This does not make sense but neither do you.
    • If you do overeat – there is no reason to feel guilty. Just take a long nap. Guaranteed to make you feel better.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Creepy Cat Costume – Chia Pet Cat

    Tip on how to make your cat a Chia Pet. Animated. Illustration by Lynn Chang.

    A very eco-friendly costume!

    What you need:

    • Seeds (quick sprouting seeds like barley work best)
    • Water
    • Sunlight
    • A little love



    1. Find Cat
    2. Sprinkle seeds over cat
    3. Mist with water
    4. Place cat in sunny spot until seeds begin to sprout (approx. 3 days)

    Voila! Chia Cat!

  • Creepy Cat Costume – Franken Cat

    Tip on how to make your cat a Frankenstein costume.

    A more complicated costume but worth it.

    Ever since my cat got an abscess I have been partial to the concept of a Franken-Cat.

    What you need:

    • Green Construction Paper
    • Black Construction Paper
    • Black Marker
    • Elmer’s Glue
    • Old Rag
    • 2 Button Mushrooms


    1. First cut the green paper to approximately 4″ x 10″. The length depends on the width of your cats head so adjust accordingly.
    2. Use a marker and draw stitches on the paper.
    3. Cut a narrow strip of black paper to the same length.
    4. Feather the sides of the black construction paper (as shown).
    5. Glue the black paper with the feathered side out onto the green paper.
    6. Glue the sides of the green paper and make a tube.
    7. Take your old rag, cut a hole in the center and cut jaggedy edges all around
    8. Find cat.
    9. Place rag over cat
    10. Place tube on cat’s head.
    11. Glue button mushrooms on each side of your cat’s head.

    Voila! Franken-cat!

  • Creepy Cat Costume – Ghost Cat

    Tip on how to make your cat a ghost costume. Animated. Illustration by Lynn Chang.

    Simply the simplest costume you can make. So scary and your cat will love it!

    All you need is the following:
    • Old white sheet
    • Scissors
    • Length of Cord


    1. Cut two small holes out near the center of the sheet.
    2. Find cat.
    3. Place sheet over cat being careful to match holes with eyes.
    4. Twist cord around cat’s neck.

    Voila! All you need is a boo!

  • How To Handle a Shedding Cat

    Tip on how to deal with your shedding cat. Animated. Illustrations by Lynn Chang.

    Here is a simple way to handle your shedding cat.

    All you need is the following:
    • Vacuum Cleaner
    • Old pantyhose
    • Elastic Band
    • Shedding cat


    1. Cut off foot of pantyhose.
    2. Take vacuum cleaner out of closet.
    3. Put pantyhose foot (the small piece) over the vacuum cleaner nozzle and secure with an elastic band.
    4. Plug in vacuum cleaner.
    5. Find your cat.
    6. Hold cat securely.
    7. Turn on vacuum cleaner.
    8. Manually remove hair from pantyhose when it gets too thick. Hair may be saved for other projects (check back here later).
    9. When no hair is coming off cat anymore and the cat is visibly smaller than before you are finished..

    Voila! A non-shedding and happy cat!

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  • How to Wash Your Cat

    Suggestion on how to wash your cat. Animated. Illustration by Lynn Chang.
    Here is a simple way to wash your cat.
    All you need is the following:


    1. Cut ring out of cardboard (approx 24″ in diameter) and a smaller hole inside the ring (approx 3″ in diameter. This must fit your cat’s head snugly so you may want to measure your cat’s neck).
    2. Cut a few notches around the smaller ring so you can get it over your cat’s head.
    3. Fill Washing Machine. Set on Gentle and Warm wash/Warm rinse.
    4. Add Kitty Shampoo (a few squirts is all you need).
    5. Find your cat.
    6. Place Cardboard ring over your cat’s head.
    7. Place cat (and Cardboard ring) in washing machine.
    8. Let wash finish cycle. If you cat is dirty, you may want to select Heavy Duty Wash.
    9. Blow Dry your Cat
    Voila! A clean and happy cat!

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