What is the Color of Your Litter Box? Introduction

Silly illustration by Lynn Chang of a kitty with a bow tie, briefcase and cell phone.

Ever since Colby Nolan, a six-year-old black cat that had experience in babysitting and retail management received an MBA from the online university Trinity Southern in 2004, things have changed for cats. Combined with the current economy, simply purring, looking unbelievably cute or sitting on a lap is no longer acceptable. More and more, a cat is expected to pull his/her weight in the household. So, cats, as times change, so must you.

One of the first steps we suggest is discovering your personality type. Are you assertive? persuasive? able to make quick decisions?

And what are your interests, disinterests, skills and abilities and don’t forget your values.

Here are some below to get you started.



  • Birds, mice, small fast moving objects, Mr Feather
  • Sunny Spots
  • Wet Cat food
  • High places your not supposed to be


  • Dogs
  • Loud noises
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Gardener
  • Mail Man
  • Strangers
  • Large bodies of water
  • Small bodies of water
  • Gum

Skills & Abilities

  • See in Dark
  • 0-60 from sleeping to awake
  • Nimble
  • Can lick bum


  • Job Satisfaction
  • Clean box
  • Wet Cat Food

We hope the next few issues help get you the paw up!

Created by Lynn Chang & Christienne Wadsworth

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