What is the Color of Your Litterbox? Cat Corporate Lawyer

White cat with a briefcase and a cell phone. Illustration by Lynn Chang.

Although being a corporate lawyer may sound less exciting than let’s say a NASA Scientist or Professional Thief, a Corporate Lawyer is a highly respectable profession, and purrr…fect for the kitty who values stability, enjoys working at a desk and doesn’t mind staying up all night to get the job done.

Most kitties have everything they need to be a Corporate Lawyer: A keen sense of opportunity, the ability to surprise the opposition and a respectable suit. The only thing we recommend to round out your obvious assets is the purchase of a cell phone with good coverage so you can easily handle any international deals when you are away from your office, for example, lying on the couch or in the sun. Luckily for you, because your hearing is quite acute you will not need an ear piece unless of course you are driving depending on your local state laws.

Consider this career if you;

  • Work well without supervision and have no existing criminal records
  • Drive your point home loudly and often
  • Are able to orchestrate successful, leveraged buyouts

Created by Lynn Chang and Christienne Miller.

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