What is the Color of Your Litterbox? Cat Opera Singer

Listen, if you’ve got a voice there is no reason why you shouldn’t use it or let it be wasted in an alley when you could be trying out for America’s Got Talent. You might think – I can’t! I am no longer a kitten and my tail is grey, bushy and unmanageable! Well, think about the great loss we would would all have if Susan Boyle gave up because she’s got grey, bushy and unmanageable eyebrows! Your voice is a gift and you should share your gift.

Now before you think just because you have talent, you can be a lazy bones and just lie around all day and dream about Carnegie Hall, you need to know that to be a truly great opera singer, you must practice, practice, practice. (That and having a Viking helmet and spiky bra is really all you need.) I can still hear my high school band director saying, “95% perspiration, 5% inspiration.” And this is never more true than when pursuing a career as an Opera Singer.

As you refine your talent, you’ll find practice will begin to feel much less like work and more like a natural part of your everyday life. For example, you’ll startle yourself by realizing you are practicing your vibrato in a hallway, your volume when you want in or your pitch when you want out. And as you refine your skill and talent, you’ll find your listeners more and more appreciative.

Consider this career if you;

  • Possess massive lung capacity
  • Communicate your feelings at a very high amplitude
  • Have purrr…fect pitch

Created by Lynn Chang and Christienne Miller