What is the Color of Your Litterbox? Cat Chef

Fluffy white cat in an apron, a chef hat, a rolling pin and a wooden spoon. Illustration by Lynn Chang.

If you like to eat, able to distinguish between a no-name cat food and your favorite exponentially more expensive brand and you’re willing to taste new things, like the take out Chicken Tikka Masala that someone left on the counter then a CHEF might be the career for you.

Despite the fact that cats are well known for their discriminating palettes, there are relatively few cat chefs in currently in the marketplace. If you don’t believe me, when is the last time you saw a cat on Hell’s Kitchen? And why not? You’re quick, nimble and you could easily give Chef Ramsay a few new ways on how to express yourself when you don’t get what you want.

As you are deciding where your passions lie, we suggest exploring new cuisines or taking a cooking class or two. What’s nice to know that wherever this career path leads you: short order cook, restaurateur about town or cat-erer, there is nothing more satisfying than to serve or be served a good meal.

Consider this career if you:

  • Enjoy eating and drinking to an excess
  • Look great in an apron
  • Can julienne better than Julia Child

Not a CREATOR? Maybe you are a HELPER!

Created by Lynn Chang and Christienne Miller