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  • What is the Color of Your Litterbox – Cat Dentist

    Grey cat in a white smock leaning against a large toothbrush. Illustration by Lynn Chang.

    Mom used to always say “Only floss the teeth you want to keep.” Truer words never spoken. When you’re a kitten, all you can think about it something good from the Tooth Fairy and then when you’re older, you’re only worried when one falls out – but it’s too late then isn’t it?

    If you want to ensure kitties keep their teeth, free from plaque and well into their later years of hearing loss, not being able to make it to the litterbox and mangy (but still irresistible) old cat fur and you don’t mind the type of breath that after tuna should be categorized as a weapon of mass destruction then this career might be up your alley, pardon the pun.

    Consider this career if you:

    • Obsessively play with dental floss – even if it’s plucked from the trash
    • Experience mint as an aphrodisiac
    • Have a strong understanding of PPOS and HMO’s

    Created by Lynn Chang & Christienne Miller


  • What is the Color of Your Litterbox? Are you a Provider?

    Spotted fluffy cat with mouse in shoe. Illustration by Lynn Chang.

    We hope that this series helps all you kitties out there a paw up in these turbulent economic times. While it is certainly discouraging that there is a dog in the White House, keep yourself well groomed and your claws sharp…you never know what’s around the corner! And let’s not forget your nine lives and Social Security.

    In previous editions, we looked at career options for the DOER, the THINKER, the CREATOR, the HELPER, the ORGANIZER and in this final edition, we examine PROVIDERS.

    Providers are very rare cats. These are cats that like to serve others.

    Are you a Provider?

    After a hunt, you tend to:

    • Leave your kill on the doormat.
    • Leave your kill inside someone’s favorite shoe.
    • Bring your half-alive kill into the house and let it loose.
    • Bring your kill to the house and no matter how many times it gets buried or thrown into the trash, digging it out and bringing it back to the house.

    If you answered yes to all of the above, you are a Provider.

    Created by Lynn Chang & Christienne Miller