Pocket Gopher Moves into Monrovia

William lying down next to a gopher hole and meowing.

Monrovia, CA–Last week, a pesky pocket gopher known for his year long destruction of a neighbor’s front lawn has decided to change digs and moved into our backyard.

Cat rolling near Gopher hole

William, a grey striped kitty with white feet was the first to notice this new intruder who is digging up our grass and under out rose bushes. There would be great concern about the future of the spring garden if there wasn’t William’s laser, cat-like focus and dedication to monitor the gopher’s activities.

Even today, during the rain, William stared at the gopher hole for the entire morning, coming inside only for a little respite before going back to his post.

William the Cat stretching near his pocket gopher hole

There is great hope that the gopher will come to a feline end. Otherwise the Rodenator may be in order.