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  • What is the Color of Your Litterbox? Cat Hair Stylist

    White cat with a swoopy hair do with a comb and blow dryer. Illustration by Lynn Chang.

    Most kitties, with the exception of Sphynx cats, are born with an abundance of fur. Long fur, short fur, black fur, brown fur, orange fur, yellow fur. Fur that sheds during the summer and during the winter. During the spring and during the fall. Fur that collects in big dust balls under the furniture, in the corners of your home and on expensive dry-clean only garments. What to do with all that fur? Be a hairdresser that’s what.

    Consider this career if you;

    • Wish to spend hours grooming yourself and others
    • Embrace the beauty of a good hairball
    • Possess an outstanding sense of style and interested in creating your own line of hair-care products.

    Created by Lynn Chang & Christienne Miller


  • What is the Color of Your Litterbox – Cat Dentist

    Grey cat in a white smock leaning against a large toothbrush. Illustration by Lynn Chang.

    Mom used to always say “Only floss the teeth you want to keep.” Truer words never spoken. When you’re a kitten, all you can think about it something good from the Tooth Fairy and then when you’re older, you’re only worried when one falls out – but it’s too late then isn’t it?

    If you want to ensure kitties keep their teeth, free from plaque and well into their later years of hearing loss, not being able to make it to the litterbox and mangy (but still irresistible) old cat fur and you don’t mind the type of breath that after tuna should be categorized as a weapon of mass destruction then this career might be up your alley, pardon the pun.

    Consider this career if you:

    • Obsessively play with dental floss – even if it’s plucked from the trash
    • Experience mint as an aphrodisiac
    • Have a strong understanding of PPOS and HMO’s

    Created by Lynn Chang & Christienne Miller


  • What is the Color of Your Litterbox? Are you a Provider?

    Spotted fluffy cat with mouse in shoe. Illustration by Lynn Chang.

    We hope that this series helps all you kitties out there a paw up in these turbulent economic times. While it is certainly discouraging that there is a dog in the White House, keep yourself well groomed and your claws sharp…you never know what’s around the corner! And let’s not forget your nine lives and Social Security.

    In previous editions, we looked at career options for the DOER, the THINKER, the CREATOR, the HELPER, the ORGANIZER and in this final edition, we examine PROVIDERS.

    Providers are very rare cats. These are cats that like to serve others.

    Are you a Provider?

    After a hunt, you tend to:

    • Leave your kill on the doormat.
    • Leave your kill inside someone’s favorite shoe.
    • Bring your half-alive kill into the house and let it loose.
    • Bring your kill to the house and no matter how many times it gets buried or thrown into the trash, digging it out and bringing it back to the house.

    If you answered yes to all of the above, you are a Provider.

    Created by Lynn Chang & Christienne Miller


  • What is the Color of Your Litterbox? Cat Event Planner

    Tuxedo cat with a polka dot party hat and a party horn. Illustration by Lynn Chang.

    Are you looking for a party so you can be the life of it? Do you purrr when you hear the words: corporate receptions, weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, and especially bar and bat mitzvahs? Then, the life of an event planner may be for you.

    Consider this career if you;

    • See the big picture right down to the smallest detail in your head
    • Manage to execute multiple tasks while remaining cool as a cucumber
    • Perform a series of strategic miracles to achieve opportunistic results

    If you answered “yes” to all of the above, we see a warehouse in your future then let’s get the party started.
    Created by Lynn Chang & Christienne Miller



  • What is the Color of Your Litterbox? Cat Warehouse Manager

    Siamese Cat coming out of a box labelled fragile. Illustration by Lynn Chang.

    The job description is simple. Someone has to put all those boxes on a shelf and someone has to take them all down again. All you need to ask yourself is – is that someone me?

    If you like boxes, boxes and more boxes. If you like them stacked on top of each other. If you like them here or there – or if you like them everywhere – then this very well might be the job for you.

    Consider this career if you:

    • Possess an inherent awareness of spatial relations
    • Enjoy scaring others with a forklift
    • Can walk into an empty space and fill it sensibly and completely

    If you answered “yes” to all of the above, we see a warehouse in your future.

    Created by Lynn Chang and Christienne Miller

  • What is the the Color of Your Litterbox? Cat Tax Accountant

    Siamese cat going through a file folder and holding a paper labelled taxes. Illustration by Lynn Chang.

    Although it is ironic that accounting jobs are plentiful despite the weak economy, there is no reason, that a kitty can’t take advantage of this expanding field. And if financial statements, collecting W2’s and the prospect of cooking the books appeals to you this may very well be the career path for you.

    Consider this career if you:

    • Crunch numbers as mindlessly as a bowl of kibble
    • Ensure that everything is thoroughly documented and balanced
    • Keep up to date with changing Federal and State tax laws and mandates

    If you answered “yes” to all of the above, you would be a great Tax Accountant!

    Created by Lynn Chang and Christienne Miller


  • What is the Color of Your Litterbox? Are you an Organizer?

    White Cat with a helmet and a football. Illustration by Lynn Chang.

    You may be looking at the title of this blog, and then looking at the image above. You then may ask yourself, what does a cat in a Football outfit have to do with organizing! Well, we think that’s a good question and we’re not sure either but we’re really open to your interpretations.
    This is part of a series for kitties looking for some employment in these tough economic times. That’s because we truly believe, with a little elbow grease, you can beat the current 9.8% unemployment rate. In the past series, we looked at careers for the DOER, the THINKER, the CREATOR and the HELPER. This article, looks at the

    Organizers are cats that help maintain order in their households. Are you an Organizer?
    Tasks that fill up your day may include:

    • a. Sleeping for 20 hours at a time
    • b. Chewing on a house plant
    • c. Rearranging the knick knacks on the mantle
    • d. Howling at the top of your lungs when the house is quiet

    If you answered “c”, you are an Organizer.
    Created by Lynn Chang and Christienne Miller.


  • What is the Color of Your Litterbox? Cat Realtor

    Striped Cat standing with paws on his hips next to a SOLD sign. Illustration by Lynn Chang.

    When you dream of the utopian world, do you dream that there is chicken and tuna in every pot and there is a warm bed and lap for every kitty? Does this imagery give you that warm and fuzzy feeling inside and make your tummy look and feel even more fuzzy?? If so, a REALTOR is the career for you.

    Although the real estate market is currently slow, hard working kitties can still find great success in this field – you just need to be creative. When showing a house, you need not only point out the number of bedrooms or bathrooms. How about that window that has a great view where you can see other neighborhood cats and freak out? The number of closets you can hide in when guests come over where no one can find you for hours and think you’ve somehow got out and run away? A counter top that doesn’t show tell-tale paw prints for those midnight raids? So many appealing features that might otherwise go unnoticed!

    Consider this career if you;

    • Embrace a frantic pace in your life
    • Feel at home putting on a show in any home
    • Enjoy building long-term, win-win relationships

    Created by Lynn Chang and Christienne Miller


  • What is the Color of Your Litterbox? Purrr…sonal Assistant

    White cat with a cell phone and a wrapped gift package walking. Illustration by Lynn Chang.

    A Purrr…sonal assistant is both the hardest and simplest job imaginable. Obvious tasks like following your human from room to room will be no stretch for your walnut sized brain. But, you’ll definitely need your extrasensory perception (ESP) skills for the more difficult aspect of this job; anticipating your human’s needs – even when they don’t realize they have a need. For example, what to do if your human is going down the stairs carrying a large load of laundry and needs an extra paw? Trust your intuition. Quick! Run down with them, as fast as you can go, at an angle and between their legs if possible. Remember “Six legs good! Two legs bad!” This type of anticipatory help will always be greatly appreciated in moments like this, making a career as a Purrr…sonal Assistant particularly rewarding.

    Consider this career if you;

    • Exist for everyone else but yourself
    • Possess the ability to manage multiple projects with attention to detail
    • Are a self-starter that energizes people around you
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