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  • What is the Color of Your Litterbox? IT Technician

    Striped cat on a keyboard in front of a computer. Illustration by Lynn Chang.

    This is an especially rewarding career for cats that like the warmth the computer generates, feel comfortable in a desk top environment and are early tech adapters. For example, if you had a Twitter account and were tweeting when the neighborhood cats were still chasing birds, then this might be the choice for you.

    However, this career is not for every cat. If you are the type of kitty who likes to nibble on cables, unless you have all nine of your nine lives left, maybe this isn’t such a good choice.

    Consider this career if you:

    • Can spend hours staring at a computer screen
    • Fix any problem by just sitting on it
    • Have in-depth knowledge or digital and multi-media platforms

    Created by Lynn Chang and Christienne Miller



  • What is the Color of Your Litterbox? Jobs for Doers : Entre-purrr-neur

    Angry grey cat showing teeth and a puffy tail. Illustration by Lynn Chang.

    Let’s face it, every kitty has a bit of the entre-purrr-neur in them. You’re independent, you have ideas, lots of good ones and most kitties like working for yourself. However, this seemingly purrr…fect description, in reality, might not work for every kitty. Keep in mind you must embrace risk, endure many, many hours of work without pay or pets and you must also truly believe in a capitalistic society. If any of these aspects just aren’t you, than you may want to consider something different to sink your claws into.

    Consider this career if you;

    • Possess vision, determination and motivation
    • Adapt quickly to evolving situations
    • Grasp the big picture such as global markets and technology

    Don’t forget to check in next week to see for Part 5, to see if You Are a Thinker!

    Created by Lynn Chang and Christienne Miller


  • What is the Color of Your Litterbox? Who Are You?

    5 cats in a crew boat. Illustration by Lynn Chang.
    Crew is generally not not a good career for cats.

    It is very important when selecting a career, you select one that is right for you. For most felines, careers that work best are ones where you can assert your independence. Team oriented jobs, like crew should probably be avoided.

    The following posts will help you determine the best career path for you. Check in tomorrow to see if you are a DOER.

    Created by Lynn Chang & Christienne Miller