What is the Color of Your Litterbox ? Are you a Creator?

White cat with a beret, a paintbrush and artist palette and a painting. Illustration by Lynn Chang.

If you have been faithfully following the blog you may have determined you are not a DOER or a THINKER. This may have left you despondent and unable to enjoy the sun’s last rays on your furry body as you lie under your favorite window sadly musing, “perhaps there is no hope for me to be fulfilled in my cat-reer.” But do not give up hope, as you may very well be a CREATOR.

Incidentally, for those who have not been faithfully following the blog, we hiss and spit on you. Furthermore, we refuse to use the litterbox you have graciously provided and choose to go instead to the planter where you have planted a low maintenance Dracaena and teach you a thing or two about low maintenance.

Being a creator is wonderful. For one, isn’t God a creator too? If so, he certainly is in good company. For two, most cats have have artistry running through their veins.

Are you a Creator?

True or False:

You are inspired by:

  • Afternoon naps in a warm sunbeam
  • Raking the litter in your cat box into elaborate patterns
  • Making imprints with your paws on windows and mirrors
  • Your Yoga and meditation practices

If you true to one or more, you are a Creator.

Created by Lynn Chang and Christienne Miller