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  • What is the Color of Your Litterbox? Cat Event Planner

    Tuxedo cat with a polka dot party hat and a party horn. Illustration by Lynn Chang.

    Are you looking for a party so you can be the life of it? Do you purrr when you hear the words: corporate receptions, weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, and especially bar and bat mitzvahs? Then, the life of an event planner may be for you.

    Consider this career if you;

    • See the big picture right down to the smallest detail in your head
    • Manage to execute multiple tasks while remaining cool as a cucumber
    • Perform a series of strategic miracles to achieve opportunistic results

    If you answered “yes” to all of the above, we see a warehouse in your future then let’s get the party started.
    Created by Lynn Chang & Christienne Miller



  • What is the Color of Your Litterbox? Cat Burglar

    White cat with stocking over head and a bag of stolen goods. Illustration by Lynn Chang.

    Although there are many perils in breaking the law, especially with legislation like Three Strikes in California, there really is no reason an enterprising kitty should not consider a successful career in crime. After all, how do you think Cat Burglar was coined?

    Depending on your neighborhood, the amazing rewards of this job can keep you purring for days. And you’ll find the selection of items you can paw is quite broad. You need not limit yourself to precious stones and metals – after all what’s wrong with a lovely fish skeleton or an exciting leathery, petrified bat that someone found in their basement and tried unsuccessfully to give to the garbage collector for several weeks? You’ll find all these items have surprisingly good street value with your friendly neighborhood fencer.

    Another plus is that you’ll find your slinky ways and ability to see in the dark an incredible asset that sets you head, shoulders and tails above other petty criminals of lesser animals.

    Consider this career if you;

    • Demonstrate extreme patience
    • Tremble from excitement and make an “eh eh eh” sound when you see something you want
    • Can spot a D flawless from across the room

    Created by Lynn Chang and Christienne Miller

    The Famous Kitty Planet Studded Outlaw Leather Safety Cat Collar

  • What is the Color of Your Litterbox | Are you a Thinker?

    Grey fuzzy cat with paws tucket in like a parcel with light bulb idea over head. Illustration by Lynn Chang.

    If you have been faithfully following the blog last week, you may have determined you are not a DOER. But please do not lose hope because you may very well be a THINKER.

    Thinkers are cats that are excellent planners. They plot, plan AND plan ahead.

    Take this quiz if you think you might be a Thinker:

    You tend to get on the forbidden kitchen counter top:
    a. When no one is home, but leave evidence that someone else, not you was there
    b. To bite the pie that was left out and loosely wrapped even though you don’t like pie.
    c. When you want to look out the window
    d. To play with the dripping faucet

    If you answered “a”, you are a thinker.

    Created by Lynn Chang and Christienne Miller



  • What is the Color of Your Litterbox? Sky Diving Cat Instructor

    Striped Cat with a Parachute. Illustration by Lynn Chang.

    This is an often overlooked career consideration for kitties which is unfortunate because is can be very rewarding especially if you like heights. Plus, because so few kitties are Sky Diving Instructors, you’ll find your resume submission welcomed with open arms…and laps. Consider this career if you;

    • Enjoy the wind in your fur
    • Embrace the thrill of an adrenaline rush
    • Feel a strong desire to push others out of their comfort thresholds

    Created by Lynn Chang and Christienne Wadsworth

    The Famous Kitty Planet Studded Outlaw Leather Safety Cat Collar