Tuna Casseroles on Hold

White kitty with pink rabbit ear hat in front of tuna cans.

Monrovia, CA- – For the third week in a row, the tuna section at a small local Ralphs in Monrovia, California has been devastated and depleted. Customers are outraged. Says one shopper, who wished to remain anonymous, “I have planned on making a Tuna Casserole for the last two weeks. I understand there is a recession going on – but this is ridiculous. How much tuna does one person really need? I hope the perpetrator is caught and put behind bars permanently because that is what they deserve.”

Says Roger W. Johnson, Police Chief of Monrovia, “We have two strong leads we are investigating. One theory is this may be gang related. The other theory is the possibility of a District 9 UFO conspiracy.” Chief Johnson declined further comment. Anyone with information is urged to contact the authorities or post information at Stolen Tuna.