Have Kitty, Will Travel!

Monrovia, California – – Have ever struggled with getting kitty into their carrier to take on holiday or God forbid, to the vet? Have you ever wondered, “If they can put a man on the moon, why isn’t there are easier way to transport my cat?” Well, your prayers have been answered with the revolutionary, patent-pending cardboard kitty carrier that boasts these amazing benefits:

  • Easy to get kitty in as kitties love cardboard boxes!
  • Allows kitty to see what is going on, but safe for you!
  • Stackable! Packs kitties more efficiently in limited spaces!
  • Recyleable!

What is especially wonderful, is that you can make this carrier yourself with just a Recyclable cardboard box, a compass, Exacto knife, packing tape and a cat.

recylable cardboard box

STEP 1 – find a recyleable cardboard box that is appropriately size for your kitty.

STEP 2 – using your compass, draw a circle on one side of your box.

Cardboard Box with hole

STEP 3 – Use an exacto knife to cut out a hole making sure it is big enough for your cat’s head to come out but, not big enough other things like paws can come out.

Cat in Box

STEP 4 – Find cat.

Cat in Taped Box

STEP 5 – Use packing tape to pack cat in box. Presto!