KITTY STARS – William the Cat


  1. Most embarrassing nickname. Ball which is short for Fur Ball. It sounds too much like Hair Ball if you ask me, very undignified.
  2. Favorite human food. I love corn – especially the teeny tiny corn cobs you find in Chinese food.
  3. In or out? Yes please! I thought that was the last question?
  4. Sweet Kitty or Alley Cat Brat? Depends if I’m going to be cuddled and kissed all over my head or being served up wet cat food.
  5. Best Actor/Actress to play in in a feature film? Colin Farrell is my favorite actor. I identify strongly with the character Bullseye in Daredevil.kitty-star-ad

It’s easy! Just send the following to
with KITTY STARS in the subject line.

  • a hi-res image of your furry self
  • answer the following 5 questions
    • Most embarrassing nickname?
    • Favorite human food?
    • In or Out?
    • Sweet Kitty or Alley Cat Brat?
    • Best Actor/Actress to play me in a feature film?