Gilly the Cat Kitty Internet Star


My Mommy found me wandering around the alley behind her house lost and not knowing what to do. I had people, but I think they abandoned me. My Mommy took me in and has shown me love I don’t think I ever knew before! I sometimes have grand mal seizures and my Mommy holds me and comforts me until they stop. I am the happiest kitty in the world!

  1. Most embarrassing nickname? My most embarrassing nickname is “land orca” because of…(see my picture above!)
  2. Favorite Human Food? My favorite human food is anything I can sneak a taste of. I’m a total foodie!
  3. In or out?In, but sometimes I think Out, then I change my mind.
  4. Sweet Kitty or Alley Cat Brat? Sweet Kitty in my Mommy’s arms, but Alley Cat Brat when I sneak up to and jump one of the other kitties in my house.
  5. Best Actor/Actress to play in in a feature film? Anthony Hopkins is the best actor to play me in a feature film. I have an emotionally complex life and he would convincingly portray all of my ups and downs.

Gilley the Cat, Kitty Internet Star



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  • answer the following 5 questions
  • Most embarrassing nickname?
  • Favorite human food?
  • In or Out?
  • Sweet Kitty or Alley Cat Brat?
  • Best Actor/Actress to play me in a feature film?

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