Blind Bella Kitty Planet Kitty Star


  1. Most embarrassing nickname. Blind Bella.
  2. Favorite Human food? Whatever my big brother Sebastian is eating.
  3. In or out? In! I am a former feral who found a forever home and I. Am. Never. Leaving.
  4. Sweet Kitty or Alley Cat Brat? Sweet Kitty. I mean, c’mon, just look at me.
  5. Best Actor/Actress to play in in a feature film? Emma Stone. I was born completely blind so I obviously haven’t seen any of her movies, but I hear she is cute, smart and super talented…just like me!

Blind Bella Kitty Star

FixNation logoOnce upon a time, Bella was one of Los Angele’s many homeless felines.

She is a TNR (trap-neuter-return) success story, “fixed” for free at FixNationand now the newest addition to a cat-loving home, where she has four feline brothers and sisters to play with. For more info about FixNation or to donate to its mission, visit or their Facebook page|FixNation.



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