What is the Color of Your Litterbox | Are you a Thinker?

Grey fuzzy cat with paws tucket in like a parcel with light bulb idea over head. Illustration by Lynn Chang.

If you have been faithfully following the blog last week, you may have determined you are not a DOER. But please do not lose hope because you may very well be a THINKER.

Thinkers are cats that are excellent planners. They plot, plan AND plan ahead.

Take this quiz if you think you might be a Thinker:

You tend to get on the forbidden kitchen counter top:
a. When no one is home, but leave evidence that someone else, not you was there
b. To bite the pie that was left out and loosely wrapped even though you don’t like pie.
c. When you want to look out the window
d. To play with the dripping faucet

If you answered “a”, you are a thinker.

Created by Lynn Chang and Christienne Miller