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  • William the Cat Comments on Tiger Woods

    Yawning cat. Animated. Illustrated by Lynn Chang.

    William the Cat was asked what his thoughts were on the ongoing Tiger Woods scandal.

    • Could Tiger have nipped the media frenzy in the bud by copping earlier? Or would that have made it worse?
    • Is is this his own personal business? Or does he have a responsibility as he is an billion dollar endorsed global sports icon?
    • Who is hotter or skankier? His wife, his girlfriends or Tiger?
    • Will his career take a beating? Or will it be limited to the beating on his Escalade?

    Unfortunately William was unavailable for comment as he was taking a nap.

  • Giving Thanks

    Cat chasing ball, the sun, a dead rat, cat sleeping. Animated. Illustrated by Lynn Chang.

    Despite the fact your life is tough, remember to give a little thanks to your humans as well as your other feline friends who may not have laps to purr on.

    My favorite no-kill animal shelters:
    Pasadena Human Society
    San Gabriel Humane Society (extra special because this is where I was adopted!).


    William the Cat

  • Monrovia Rat Homicide

    Half Eaten Rat.

    “Breakfast of the Champions!” declares William the Cat.

    Today, shortly after William left for his morning ablutions, the Franklins discovered these dismembered rat remains on the lawn. No head was found making general identification of the rat impossible.

    William, “There’s nothing better in the morning, than a nice yummy Roof Rat” says William. “Today I liked the head best but other times not so much.”

    Due to the Roof Rat breeding season, the Franklins have been finding more and more rat homicides left on the lawn but thankfully not at the doormat or in the house.

    “I don’t like to share” says William.

    Because of his hunter prowess, William is now in great demand in the neighborhood with neighbors plying him with wet cat food to encourage him for personal yard Roof Rat patrol.

    Many Roof Rats in this Monrovia neighborhood have met their demise with William. It is hard to guess the total number as the Franklins do not believe William is bringing all his catches home. However, last December, William averaged one Roof Rat or part of a Roof Rat left on their lawn per day.

    Says William “It also tastes better when you catch them yourself.”


    Junk mail addressed to Wiliam the Cat.

    Today, our cat William was the recipient of junk mail. How a gray cat – who doesn’t even have a Social Security number got on someone’s direct mail list is beyond me. Yet, I must admit, the offer is actually enticing – a 2009 Internet Income Training Conference – for both William and a guest (we haven’t determined the guest will be yet.)

    By attending the complimentary Conference, William receives:

    • a free lunch or dinner
    • a free MP3 Player (although the stipulation is that he be at least 18 years of age or older. However, we feel this is up to interpretation as he is over 18 years old in cat years.)
    • free Internet Marketing strategies.

    We’re not sure if we’re attending quite yet. We are going to first call and see if they are serving tuna.


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