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  • Kitty ipad Review

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    Des Moines, Iowa – – If you’re still on the fence wondering if you should spend $499 on an iPad, and looking for answers, this review by Iggy the Cat, a silver tabby with white feet, possibly related to William the Cat may help you make that final decision.

    Overall, the iPad was really nice. Not to heavy that it isn’t convenient to carry around so I can play wherever I go and not so light that it skitters all over the place when I am using it. The resolution is very sharp and colorful. It would be difficult to distinguish between a real mouse and a virtual mouse, which to me, is the ultimate test.

    The screen was very responsive to my paws, the navigation was straight forward, and there were lots of engaging applications. I played with one with a green worm that squiggled around in a really intriguing way and another app where I could create some great music – which gives me a lot of great ideas for GarageBand. Another great plus- my claws didn’t scratch the surface – although I haven’t sharpened them in a while on my scratching post because I have been scratching them on the newly upholstered sofa instead.

    All in all, I think for the sole purpose of entertaining me, Iggy the Cat, the $499 on an iPad is money well spent which goes without saying because honestly – is there is anything more important than my happiness and well being?


  • Man Marries Cat – Yes, it’s True

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    Possendorf, Germany–Yes, it’s really true. Uwe Mitzscherlich has tied the knot with his cat Cecilia. Over the past 10 years, Cecilia has been living in sin with Uwe. Even though she slept in his bed every night, coughed up hair balls and shed all over the place, making her way to the altar just seemed to delude her, giving weight to your mother’s favorite axiom “Why buy the cow when the milk is free?” However, recently Cecilia has fallen ill and Uwe has finally decided to do the right thing and make Cecilia an honest cat by marrying her.

    Unfortunately, since marrying cats is illegal in Germany and as far as we know, illegal in most countries, actress Christin-Maria Lohri officiated the ceremony for a mere 300 Euros ($360 US). “It was really beautiful and heart-warming. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house.” She also added, “The reception dinner was particularly elegant. I didn’t know you could prepare tuna in so many ways.”

    “It doesn’t matter that our marriage is not recognized by the Republic of Germany,” Mitzscherlich has been reported to say, “I love Cecilia and that’s all that matters.”

    The groom looked elegant in his classic black coat and tails. The bride looked also wore black and white and was radiant in a lovely Chantilly lace veil and her own tail.

  • Turn Your Couch Potato Physique to Beach Body Sleek

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    Is your belly dragging on the ground? Is the girth of your middle preventing you from insinuating your hairy body into places it shouldn’t be going in the first place? Are you looking more like a furry cheese wheel these days than a toned predator, feared and respected by the underlings that surround you? Well, with summer right around the corner, here are some tips that will get you beach body ready in no time!

    • Cardio is king. We recommend chasing the unseen object, climbing curtains or in our example above, running on a treadmill.
    • Get a workout partner. It doesn’t matter if they are long-haired, short haired or no-haired. They will help you keep committed to your exercise regime.
    • Ramp it up. There is nothing like ramping up your exercise to get the blood flowing and to drop those pounds.
    • Don’t give up. It takes time to build up your endurance!

    The Famous Kitty Planet Studded Outlaw Leather Safety Cat Collar


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    BREAKING NEWS–North Palm Beach, Florida–Although it looks like the world will never know what happened between Tiger Woods and his wife Elin Woods, this has not stopped international speculation. Shortly after the crash, the world has been enthralled with a Chinese TV station 3D virtual video.

    Not to be undone, a tiger and tuxedo cat created this exciting Tiger Woods Cat Re-enactment for your viewing pleasure.

    The Famous Kitty Planet Studded Outlaw Leather Safety Cat Collar

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