Cat Boom Town

Ponte Vedra, FL–Formerly homeless cats can now park their furry bottoms at Caboodle Ranch, a 30 acre cat paradise founded by Craig Grant in 2003.

The ranch boasts not only homes but a full service community for kitties with amenities as Cat Condos, public areas as well as a City Hall for kitties to iron their differences apart and make their voices heard.

After a mandatory spay/neuter, cats are automatically enrolled in a work-study program where they perfect their purring and lounging skills with the help of Caboodle Ranch volunteers. Despite the self-sustaining purring, Caboodles Ranch is privately run and always appreciates donations. You can also keep up with the latest news by joining Caboodles Ranch Facebook page.

Cozy Cat Condos.

Cats in the lane at Caboodles Ranch
Cats enjoying a jaunt in one of Caboodle Ranch’s many well maintained public areas.


Caboodle Ranch City Hall with Honorable Toddles residing on the roof.

The founder of Caboodle Ranch, Craig Grant with his two favorite things. Entenmanns and kitties.

Caboodle Ranch Loitering

Not all is purrr…fect as there is a high incident of loitering at Caboodle Ranch.