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Crystal Safety Cat Collars

When you need to knock them off their four feet!

Leather cat collar with a sparkly band of shimmery crystals. Lined in leather.

A Night to Remember modeled by Patches

Homecoming and Palm Beach modelled by William on the left:
  • Big Night Out (Red): Stop them red in their tracks.

  • Black Tie (Black): That truly timeless combination - black and ice.

  • Miss Popularity (Pink): Pretty in pink.

  • Night to Remember: A dream come true.

All come with safety releases.
All adjustable for an 9 - 12" neck.

$9.95 for one collar
$7.95 for two or more collars

Safety Cat Collar
Black Tie Safety Cat Collar
Safety Cat Collar
Miss Popularity Safety Cat Collar
Safety Cat Collar
Night to Remember Safety Cat Collar